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These Fire & Glory Meetings are power-packed with praise, prophecy, revelatory preaching and mighty Signs & Wonders manifesting by the Precious Holy Spirit followed by individual prayer/prophetic healing ministry for all attendees by Evangelist Teklu and the MMI Prayer Team. Come and be touched by the Power of God and experience The Glory Realm.

Binyam Teklu
July 21st -August 11th, 2015
Mission trip to different parts of India,
Dec 26, 2015 - Jan 23rd, 2016
Mission trip to different cities in Mexico

A heart weeping for the lost.....

After an encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of 12, Brother Binyam Teklu was saved. Of course, he wasn't just saved - he was changed! He dedicated himself to knowing Jesus. When he was 19 he was sent as a missionary. For over a decade he has traveled the world desperate to save lost souls. In his walk with Christ, Binyam has learned that NOTHING is impossible with God! He sees that the Kingdom of God is to become evident here on earth. More than that, he knows it is up to Christians to intercede for the nations and usher in the Kingdom of God by the power of Christ's complete work on the cross. As he travels the world ministering to the nations he has seen people healed from physical ailments and spiritual torments. People have experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit and the Love of Father God. Brother Binyam gives Jesus Christ the glory for every miracle, sign and wonder. Without the grace of Jesus none of this would be possible. Full time ministry is a walk of faith. Every moment Binyam Teklu looks to Jesus for his provision. Consider supporting the ministry work of Evangelist Binyam Teklu. Thank you for your prayers!

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