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Fire & Glory

This is the predestined year of "The Fire And The Glory." We the yielded Saints, will come to the Throne Room of Holy God desperate for Him and only Him. As we seek to get close to that ever bright, eternal flame, we will catch holy fire and burn, burn, burn.

This holy flame is emitting perfect love from God's passionate heart for each of us, His blood-washed children. As we dare to go near enough to touch this mysterious flame, our desperate hearts will set ablaze with holy fire for Him. His desires alone will consume us.

Manifesting the power and glory of our God, we'll become consecrated Saints reflecting the ever increasing glory of our Mighty God until all our visages, shining like Moses' face, will convict a fallen world of their need for Christ and His transforming, healing presence.

We will advance Kingdom Purposes in a demonstration of unity and love never yet seen before upon this troubled earth.

With the high praises and truth of God firing from our mouths, burning passion in our hearts, and a two-edged sword in our willing hands, we will march on to our Promise Land and lead multitudes to their eternal salvation and destiny.

Not through any strength of our own, we will lean solely upon The Lord, our Redeemer, and weíll trust Him to lead our purposed steps to assured victory.

We will fear neither demons nor any man, desire no personal reputation, taking upon ourselves cleansed robes of humility and servanthood. We will be changed into the likeness of our true Saving Christ releasing fire and glory.

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